© WorkSmart Systems 2018 Over 35 years of VET experience WorkSmart Systems have a wealth of experience in VET and now have worked in various states and territories around Australia.  Our teams VET experience includes: VET Auditing. We have conducted 100’s of AQTF and industry specific strategic audits for Training Authorities since 2002 including AQTF 2002, 2005, 2007 and 2010. Prior to this we ran the largest QETO auditing agency that conducted QETO audits, a forerunner to the AQTF NVR and the current Standards for RTOs (2015).   VETConsultancy. As auditors and system consultants we know exactly what is needed to meet the requirements of the Standards for RTOs, AQTF, VRQA  or CRICOS Standards. Using this knowledge we have designed and documented systems that specifically address and meet the requirements of the above standards and pass audits. This has evolved into today’s SmartGuides which allows everyone to have access to these resources at a fraction of a consultant’s fee. In fact many consultants purchase our systems and use them as the basis of their consultancy while charging much higher prices to their clients. VET experience. We have worked at all levels in the VET sector from departments of education, universities, TAFE colleges and Australian Defence Forces through to small RTOs and sole operator businesses. All have the same need, meeting and complying with standards to be able to work in the VET industry. Thats where our experience comes in, our SmartGuides address these needs regardless of size or scale of operation.