© WorkSmart Systems 2018 CRICOS software The CRICOS SmartGuide has been specifically designed to help training organisations with the requirements of the National Code 2007 within the ESOS Act framework.  It breaks down the National Code 2007 into its categories, standards and requirements and addresses each requirement one at a time with example text, all you have to do is simply edit the example text to reflect your organisation and what you do. The CRICOS SmartGuide follows the numbering within the National Code so that each requirement within each Standard can be easily navigated to in the SmartGuide. The CRICOS SmartGuide comes with a wide range of ready to use forms including: Application for Enrolment Confirmation of Enrolment Letter of Offer & Acceptance Education Agent Agreement Education Agent Code of Conduct Overseas Student Induction Presentation Complaints & Appeals Form Critical Incident Policy & Report Course Schedule spreadsheet Student Transfer Policy & Report Student Intervention Letter Plus 17 other forms essential in meeting National Code requirements Click Here