© WorkSmart Systems 2018 Not all software is the same   1. WorkSmart Systems have been providing compliance software since 2002 and have helped hundreds of RTOs pass audit 2. There are no hidden costs or ongoing maintenance / annual cost with our software just one flat upfront fee. 3. Our software does not provide a warm, fuzzy holistic approach supported by blank templates, it specifically addresses each and every point with detailed information and forms. 4. Our software is easy point, click and type programs built to match the same framework as the standard it is addressing. 5. We also provide: -  A demo or slide show of each program -  Checkable references and genuine testimonials -  Same day technical and content knowledge support -  Consistent presence in the marketplace since 2002 When making a decision to purchase you owe it to yourself to ensure that any program or product you purchase meets all of the above points, that the programs have been developed by people with a proven track record who will be around to support their programs in the years to come and have in depth VET and auditing knowledge to be able to develop these programmes.