RTO Standards NETwork Software The RTO Standards NETWORK EDITION has been specifically designed for: use on a server so that many computers can access the program at the same time all users work from the same data file network edition contains all the same example text and form templates as the standard version and compliant with the Standards for RTOs (2015) built in user protection, if one person is editing the content other users can only view the content as read only until the person has finished editing.   Benefits include: We put your organisations logo and name into the program so that it appears on all printed documentation from the SmartGuide The main menu is customized and has your organisations name Allows any user to edit the program Allows central access to linked forms no registration required, just setup your sharing permissions and off you go! Note, due to the many different sharing, permission and security settings people have on their network we do not provide any IT support for installation. We recommend that you contact an IT person with knowledge of your network to install and set up the program. © WorkSmart Systems 2018