© WorkSmart Systems 2018 RTO Standards Software NEED TO SHOW YOU MEET THE REQUIREMENTS OF THE RTO STANDARDS 2015? Then the  RTO Standards software program is what you need, it contains: example text for each and every clause in each Standard (over 20,000 words!), just edit to suit your organisation All content is based on a fictional RTO, all you have to do is simply edit the example text to reflect your organisation screens that match the numbering of the Standards for RTOs (2015), each clause has its own screen 35 linked forms (in Word) that capture the requirements of the Standards, plus you can add and link in your own forms to the program so that they can be opened from the program Benefits include: all example text takes a common sense, practical approach (not just warm and fuzzy!) the program is extremely easy to use, if you can read and type then you have the necessary skills to use the program example content will keep you focused, no guessing at whats required save yourself many hours of work easy to use navigator so that you never get lost in all the clauses use the linked forms to demonstrate compliance or link in your own forms put in your own logo and name into the program for printing purposes