© WorkSmart Systems 2018 Validation software The Validation program has been specifically designed to help training organisations with the more stringent validation requirements of the RTO Standards 2015, features include: Easy tab screen navigation makes it a breeze for anyone to use Validation Planning tab lets you assign a risk rating and rating reason for each unit, schedule your validations over 5 years, assign review dates and show when validations completed Validators tab lets you record vocational information on each validator including Qualifications, vocational competency, industry knowledge plus have the ability to add links to CV’s copies of Qualifications etc. plus add a photo of the validator Validation tab is where you: o conduct the validation of assessment process and practices and assessment judgements and evidence o cluster units together for validation if required o assign Validators from a drop down list o specify sample size Issues / Improvements tab allows you to record and track any issues or improvements noted during the validation With the increased focus on validations in the new RTO Standards the Validation softaware is the easy, smart way to organise, plan and record all elements of your validations and demonstrate that your validation process is systemised. Click Here Click image for larger picture of Validator information